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thiên nhiên

soap, incense, oils

Eco-friendly, hand crafted goods without preservatives
synthetic ingredients or artificial essences.
Cold process soap bars, hand-rolled incense sticks,
pure essential oils and bath items.
Made with love from natural ingredients

All natural

tiếp theo

Our story

Insula is a blend of traditional soap making techniques and unique flora of Vietnam.
Our suppliers are farmers and wild nature where we can collect different rare ingredients
such as robusta flowers, kaffir limes, silk, and others. Plants are extracted in oils or water
to be added later in the soap. Their dry particles serve as a gentle exfoliant and
essential oils fulfill with pleasing aromas. Then, soaps are carefully crafted by using a blend of
plant-based oils, butters and pure essential oils. No synthetic fragrances are used.
We make soap in small batches to maintain freshness and quality. Each bar is packaged in
an individual paper box. Insula has a wide selection of handmade soap with different scents and designs,
to suit every skin type and scent preference. Floral and herbal collections featuring rose,
chrysanthemum, lavender, lemongrass and mint. If you are into fresh fruity aroma,
we have sweet orange soap and lime soap. Accentuating your pretty bathroom,
white terrazzo soap and black terrazzo soap are a good choice.
Travel packed sliced soap is designed especially with the purpose of making your trip convenient
while you are on camping, hiking, biking, etc. With this kit, you do not need to have a soap dish or
think what to wrap your favourite but wet soap into, just take a slice and enjoy shower wherever you are.
For kids we have soap bars that look like cartoon animals, which they would love to use.
All the soap bars can make excellent gifts for any occasion.
We keep our botanical adventure going to bring you more nature's hidden treasures.

tiếp theo
tiếp theo

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32 Đ. Trần Ngọc Diện, Thảo Điền, Quận 2,  TP HCM

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